Team Awards and Recognitions Handed Out at Team Banquet

By Matt Chinander  |   November 28, 2022, 2:00 a.m.

Sunday evening at the high school, our football family gathered to celebrate the wonderful 2022 season by sharing a meal, recognizing accomplishments, and handing out awards.

Over a dozen team awards were handed out to individuals to recognize their unique accomplishments and importance to the 2022 team. Those awards were in addition to the All-State and All-District awards announced last week.

Also announced were the team captains for the 2023 season: Holden Arnaman, Max Lodge, Trenton Schutte, Cale Seydel, Reese Trepanier, and Logan Wright.

Varsity Team Awards

  • Team MVP: Andy Henson
  • Most Valuable Offensive Back (Wayne Rummells Memorial Award): Tye Hughes
  • Most Valuable Receiver: Carver Boelk
  • Most Valuable Offensive Lineman (Larry Rummells Award): Aiden Dingbaum
  • Most Valuable Defensive Lineman: Logan Wright
  • Most Valuable Linebacker: Andy Henson
  • Most Valuable Defensive Back: Kinnick Boelk
  • Most Valuable Special Teams: Wyatt Fiderlein
  • Most Valuable Scout Team: Evan Striegel, Shae Farmer
  • Most Versatile: Reese Trepanier, Kinnick Boelk
  • Chad Gates Memorial Award: Andy Henson
  • Best Team Player (Norman Pedersen Memorial Award): Reese Trepanier
  • Coaches Appreciation: Trenton Schutte
  • Bear Award: Bradyn Sexton, Jake Swisher
  • Weight Room Lifter Award: Wyatt Fiderlein, Andy Henson
  • Most Improved (Brian Hoffman Memorial Award): Reese Trepanier

Fresh/Soph Team Awards

  • Team MVP: Connor Rios
  • Outstanding Offensive Back: Logan Christoffel, Jarrett Ellyson
  • Outstanding Receiver: Ethan Miller
  • Outstanding Offensive Line: Cole Crosthwaite, Bodee Morehead
  • Outstanding Defensive Line: Tate Frantz
  • Outstanding Linebacker: Sullivan Brooke
  • Outstanding Defensive Back: Nate Hills
  • Outstanding Special Teams Player: Dilan Kazlauskas
  • Outstanding Scout Team Player: Jericho Hobbs
  • Outstanding Team Player:  Andrew Barnes, Nolan Staker
  • Most Improved Player: Dylan Schiele
  • Coaches Appreciation Award: Maddox Rushton, Griffin Seydel