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Date and time: Aug 26, 12:30 am

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  1. at Williamsburg

    Aug. 26 - 12:30 am

  2. vs Dike-New Hartford

    Sep. 2 - 12:30 am

  3. at Columbus Catholic

    Sep. 9 - 12:00 am

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  1. wbbearsfootball profile
    @wbbearsfootballJun. 4 at 9:43pm
    Recipients must also show high character to peers, adults, and the community, just as Butch did.
  2. wbbearsfootball profile
    @wbbearsfootballJun. 4 at 9:43pm
    Scholarships will be awarded yearly in coach’s name to student athletes that demonstrate characteristics of what he believed in: hard work ethic, loyalty to teammates and friends, community service efforts, and being a team player.
  3. wbbearsfootball profile
    @wbbearsfootballJun. 4 at 9:43pm
    Butch Pedersen Memorial scholarships were recently awarded to Andy Henson and Hannah Schiele. Congratulations to these two 2023 West Branch graduates!

Latest Games

November 11  •  Playoffs
Location: UNI Dome
West Branch
Ranked: #3West Branch Bears
11-0 - Class 1A, D5
Score: 17
Van Meter
Ranked: #1Van Meter Bulldogs
10-1 - Class 1A, D7
Score: 48
November 5  •  Playoffs
MFL MarMac
MFL MarMac Bulldogs
9-1 - Class 1A, D4
Score: 24
West Branch
Ranked: #3West Branch Bears
10-0 - Class 1A, D5
Score: 27
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