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Little Rose Bowl

Youth Sports Night

Date and time: Aug 27, 12:00 am

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  1. Lisbon

    vs Lisbon

    Aug. 27 - 12:00 am

  2. Columbus Catholic

    at Columbus Catholic

    Sep. 3 - 12:00 am

  3. Maquoketa Valley

    vs Maquoketa Valley

    Sep. 10 - 12:00 am

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    @wbbearsfootballJun. 23 at 1:52pm
    RT @jphersh22: @wbbearsfootball change to this Sunday’s schedule. We will not be going to 7v7 at City High. Instead we’ll have an Open Fiel…
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    @wbbearsfootballJun. 22 at 8:06pm
    West Branch Times: Coach Hansen influential man, memory-maker #iahsfb
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    @wbbearsfootballJun. 22 at 12:31am
    RT @jphersh22: @wbbearsfootball 7 on 7 (varsity and fresh soph) at Mt Vernon Wednesday night. All positions. Carpool leaves the high sch…

Latest Games

October 30  •  Playoffs
Location: Dyersville
West Branch
West Branch Bears
7-2 - Class 1A, D5
Score: 7
Ranked: #6Beckman Blazers
9-0 - Class 1A, D4
Score: 24
Round 2
October 23  •  Playoffs
Location: Little Rose Bowl
Cardinal Comets
5-3 - Class 1A, D6
Score: 6
West Branch
West Branch Bears
6-2 - Class 1A, D5
Score: 35
Round 1
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