History & Achievements

Recognizing great team and individual accomplishments.

Shrine Bowl Players

The Iowa Shrine Bowl Game is an all-star football game between selected pre-college football athletes on each side of a north-south dividing line in Iowa. The players are selected by a process of nomination by coaches, balloting by state-wide sports media professionals, and official invitation from a representative of the Iowa Shrine Bowl. The game brings honor and recognition to the players, their schools and their communities.

West Branch Football has been honored by 38 player and coach selections since the annual event began in 1973. More information about the Iowa Shrine Bowl and their cause can be found on their website.

2024Wright, Logan
2023Dingbaum, Aiden
2022Berry, Drake
2021Bowie, Jeff
2020Lukavsky, Tanner
2019Cornwell, Beau
2019Pedersen, Butch (Head Coach)
2018Barnhart, Jacob
2017Lenoch, Luke
2015Giese, Jacob
2014Gould, Michael
2013Bower, Bo
2012Miller, Derrick
2011Carew, Rilen
2010Rummells, Jack
2009Thompson, Jordan
2008Skriver, Ryan
2007Walter, Caleb
2005Jacobsen, Dan
2004Klein, Glendon
2003Griebahn, Josh
2000Teesdale, Andy
1998Tisinger, Trent
1997Worrell, Clayton
1996Laszczak, Jason
1995Clayton, Jeremy
1994Pedersen, Dan
1993Pedersen, Butch (Assistant Coach)
1993Stout, Kevin
1992Braddock, Kevin
1990Pedersen, Lance
1988Fountain, Rick
1987Capper, Vic
1986Tighe, Bill
1985Tighe, Bob
1984Cook, Marv
1982Fountain, Ray
1980Worrell, Mark