Nebraska, Minnesota send offers to Bear Jeff Bowie

The offers to Bear Jeff Bowie are rolling in

By Matt Chinander  |   April 27, 2019, 3:06 p.m.

In addition to the offers extended by Northern Illinois University and Iowa State University football teams, Bear defensive end Jeff Bowie now has two more options to consider.

Thursday afternoon, the University of Nebraska football coaching staff extended an offer to the sophomore for him to join their squad in Lincoln. Posting the announcement on Twitter, Bowie stated he was "very excited" to receive the offer and thanked the Huskers' defensive coordinator, Erik Chinander, for the opportunity.

On Friday afternoon, the University of Minnesot expressed their desire to have Bowie join their team after his graduation in 2021.

In addition to speaking with Minnesota on Friday, West Branch coach Pedersen had a conversation with Notre Dame and Bowie visited with the University of Iowa. As of the publishing of this post, both schools have yet to send offers.