Trivia Night Event Raises Record Amount for Football Team

The 2021 edition of our annual Trivia Night event was a smash.

Saturday night was the 2021 edition of the West Branch Football Trivia Night fundraiser, held at Little Lights on the Lane in West Branch. Twenty-seven teams participated in the event, which is an all-time participation record.

After 80 questions over eight rounds, team Norfolk 'N Chance emerged as the winner with 85 total points out of a possible maximum of 90, beating the second place team, Hasbeens, by just two points. Curious as to what your team scored? Check out the full results at the bottom of this post.

Thanks for record participation, record sponsor support, and record auction item turn out, the team was able to raise a record amount of money for the program. We are sincerely humbled by the generous support of our community members and local businesses. Thank you.

The program would also like to send a big thank you to Erin and Little Lights on the Lane for allowing us to use their incredible event space.

Prior to the start of the trivia questions, the team shared a video to thank the participants for their support. Check out that video below.

The captains didn't nail their lines on their first takes, however…


Here are the total scores for all participating teams:

  1. Norfolk 'N Chance: 85
  2. Hasbeens: 83
  3. Pheasant Pluckers: 82
  4. The Fleagle Family: 81
  5. Lions Club - Pride of West Branch: 78
  6. Bower Power: 77
  7. Chuck Boots Football Acadamy: 77
  8. Not The Sharpest Crayons In The Box: 77
  9. West Branch Mafia: 77
  10. Brad Bower Cheats: 76
  11. Straight Off The Couch: 75
  12. The Outsiders: 75
  13. Smarty Pints: 70
  14. Axiom Consultants: 69
  15. The Fun Bobby's: 68
  16. Parkside: 66
  17. Pushin' The Limits: 61
  18. Waggles: 58
  19. Get Off My Lawn: 55
  20. Misfits: 55
  21. Smart & Attractive: 55
  22. We Do It Doggie Style: 52
  23. Husky Unicorns: 51
  24. 3 Farmers And A Wannabe: 49
  25. Google Geeks: 47
  26. Hot Tub Confessions: 46
  27. Low Slearners: 45