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Recognizing great team and individual accomplishments.

All-State Selections

Through the 2017 season, The Iowa Newspaper Association (INA) had a long-standing tradition of recognizing and honoring high school athletes through its All-State program. Each year, the members of the association have made their selections for the football All-State teams in each class.

Despite the INA's decision to end the All-State program, the Iowa Print Sports Writers Association (IPSWA) formed to carry on the long-standing tradition of the All-State program by picking the state's best to be members of the All-State teams.

Below are West Branch Football players who have been awarded with All-State selections by both the INA and IPSWA.

2022Dingbaum, AidenFirst
2022Fiderlein, WyattSecond
2022Henson, AndyFirst
2022Hughes, TyeSecond
2022Wright, LoganFirst
2021Berry, DrakeSecond
2021Henson, AndyThird
2020Bowie, JeffFirst
2020Hierseman, GavinThird
2019Bowie, JeffFirst
2019Eagle, TreyThird
2019Fiderlein, CaelThird
2019Lukavsky, TannerSecond
2018Cornwell, BeauFirst
2018Hierseman, JadenSecond
2018Lukavsky, TannerThird
2018Schiele, BrettSecond
2017Barnhart, JacobFirst
2017Cornwell, BeauFirst
2017Graves, JacobSecond
2017Thompson, BenFirst
2016Barnhart, JacobFirst
2016Dietz, ColtonFirst
2016Graves, JacobFirst
2016Lenoch, LukeFirst
2015Barnhart, JacobSecond
2015Dietz, ColtonThird
2015Lenoch, LukeFirst
2014Finnegan, DrewThird
2014Giese, JacobSecond
2014Lenoch, LukeFirst
2014St. John, JohnFirst
2013Donovan, TylerSecond
2013Gould, MichaelFirst
2012Bower, BoSecond
2012Gould, MichaelThird
2012Jones, CadeFirst
2012Madsen, MichaelSecond
2011Bower, BoThird
2011Elliott, EliThird
2011Jones, CadeSecond
2011Miller, DerrickFirst
2011Young, BrandonSecond
2010Carew, RilenFirst
2010Lukavsky, LoganFirst
2010Miller, DerrickSecond
2010Murry, LoganSecond
2010Young, BrandonFirst
2009Kelly, ColeFirst
2009Rummells, JackFirst
2009Young, BrandonFirst
2008Kober, KyleFirst
2008Port, TrevorThird
2008Rummells, JackFirst
2008Thompson, JordanFirst
2007Kober, KyleThird
2007Mercer, MattSecond
2007Skriver, RyanSecond
2006Bailey, TylerFirst
2006Walter, CalebFirst
2005Bailey, TylerFirst
2005English, DaveFirst
2005Walter, CalebFirst
2004English, DaveFirst
2004Jacobsen, DanThird
2003Deets, RyanSecond
2003Ewald, KyleThird
2003Jacobsen, DanThird
2003Klein, GlendonSecond
2003Thomas, MarcusSecond
2003Tucker, MichaelSecond
2002Arn, KeelanFirst
2002Deets, RyanHon. Mention
2002Griebahn, JoshFirst
2001Griebahn, JoshFirst
2001Vargason, JoshSecond
2000Hamber, TimHon. Mention
2000Robertson, ChrisSecond
2000Seydel, RandyHon. Mention
2000Shultz, JaySecond
2000Thomas, ZackSecond
2000Vargason, JoshSecond
2000Waters, GabeHon. Mention
1999Coleman, MikeHon. Mention
1999Pedersen, KipHon. Mention
1999Robertson, ChrisHon. Mention
1999Shultz, JayHon. Mention
1999Teesdale, AndySecond
1998Fennell, BenHon. Mention
1998Gates, PatHon. Mention
1998Kessler, CoryHon. Mention
1998Pedersen, KipHon. Mention
1998Sabourin, JeremiahHon. Mention
1997Gates, PatSecond
1997Tisinger, TrentSecond
1997Vincent, AaronHon. Mention
1996Hahn, AdamHon. Mention
1996Jeffries, LukeHon. Mention
1996Pedersen, JakeSecond
1996Tisinger, TrentHon. Mention
1996Vincent, AaronHon. Mention
1996Worrell, ClayFirst
1995Eakes, JimHon. Mention
1995Jones, AishaThird
1995Laszczak, JasonHon. Mention
1995Senio, TonyHon. Mention
1995Uthe, CurtisHon. Mention
1995Wheeler, MattSecond
1995Yanacek, BradFirst
1994Clayton, JeremyHon. Mention
1994Eakes, JimHon. Mention
1994Gade, ChadHon. Mention
1994Oxley, BobHon. Mention
1994Pedersen, JoshHon. Mention
1994Yanacek, BradFirst
1993Clayton, JeremyHon. Mention
1993Gordon, RyanHon. Mention
1993Hubler, JasonHon. Mention
1993O'Neil, SeanHon. Mention
1993Oliver, MikeHon. Mention
1993Pedersen, DanFirst
1993Sorenson, JoshHon. Mention
1993Spengler, JasonHon. Mention
1992Anderson, KirkSecond
1992Bowie, CliffSecond
1992Glazebrook, RyanHon. Mention
1992Gordon, RyanHon. Mention
1992Grimm, JasonFirst
1992McNamara, ChrisHon. Mention
1992Pedersen, DanHon. Mention
1992Scott, DavidHon. Mention
1992Sorenson, JoshHon. Mention
1992Stout, KevinFirst
1991Anderson, KirkElite
1991Braddock, KevinHon. Mention
1991Graham, TonyHon. Mention
1991Kessler, JaymeHon. Mention
1991Lukeckas, TonyHon. Mention
1991McCarty, SeanFirst
1991Stout, ScottHon. Mention
1989Pedersen, LanceFirst
1989Zinkula, ToddFirst
1988Pedersen, LanceFirst
1987Fountain, RickFirst
1987Reid, PatThird
1986Capper, VicFirst
1985Tighe, BillFirst
1984Peak, BobSecond
1984Tighe, BobFirst
1983Bartelt, BradSecond
1983Cook, MarvFirst
1983Wright, JeffSecond
1982Cook, MarvSecond